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Surf Ride has been behind us since day one! They’ve got the largest selection of Slater Designs gear on the West Coast, not to mention a staff that shreds and knows everything you need to know about boards.
— Kelly Slater
Surf Ride has one of the best surfboard selections I have ever seen! It’s fun to go in there and check everything from Chris Borst designs to Josh Hall gliders
— Taylor Knox

Surf Ride is known for having the largest new surfboard selection on the PLANET!!  What a lot of people DON'T know however is that is also known for one of the largest used board selections on the planet as well.  Below is a small sample of all the used boards we have in the shop with new ones arriving DAILY!  Stop by or call one of our two locations for specific boards and prices. Follow us on Instagram @SurfRide_Usedboards

Growing up under Donald I only knew of 2 surf shops here in SD.... Mitches and Surf Ride.... Originally Hobie Oside.... Many of my childhood memories are within those stores..... not much has changed... now it’s the same for my kids.
— Joel Tudor

Located in Oceanside, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, and Now Waco Texas Surf Ride Boardshops are California and Texas’ premier surf retail stores. 


Surf Ride was founded in 1974 by twin brothers Bill and Richard Bernard with the original and flagship location being in Oceanside on Coast Hwy.  

Bill and Richard started out in a little 800 sqf adobe building on what was then called "Hill Street" in Oceanside CA.  Originally a Hobie Cat dealership with a focus on the core sports of the ocean.  As sailing became less popular and every time it rained in Oceanside the adobe building would leak water through the walls and the streets would flood the front door, the brothers decided it was time to build a new building.  They knew that they needed one that could fulfill the dreams they had of becoming Californias premier destination shop for all things SURF!

In 1984 they began construction on what is now Surf Ride.  The building was originally split into 3 different business with a restaurant on the side.  As business improved and the need for more space was fulfilled by tearing down walls and expanding the surf department.  Business was booming for surf and after 13 years they decided it was time to open an second location.  In 1997 the Solan Beach location was opened up.  The 7,500 sqf store was custom built from the ground up to house the largest surfboard selection in California.  

By 2005 the brothers had both had enough of the daily grind and decided to retire and let the next generation take over the business.  Dustin and Josh Bernard stepped in to let their dad and uncle chase the dream of sailing the South Pacific and surfing perfect waves in warm water.  Today, Dustin is actively shaping surfboards for Surf Ride under the SR/MFG label and Josh is the active CEO of Surf Ride.  

Surf Ride Boardshops are truly one of the last surviving core family owned surf shops in AMERICA.  Surf Ride specializes in having the best boards, wetsuits, and clothing that the surf industry has to offer.  They also have an amazing fleet of rental boards both foam boards and custom hand shaped epoxy boards.  During the summer Surf Ride Surf Camp is the best place for kids to learn how to surf!  

Next time you're in San Diego make sure to stop by, say hello and give us a HIGH FIVE!!


Surf Ride Oceanside

1909 South Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA 92054

(760) 433-4020


M-F 10am–7pm
Sa 9am-6pm
Su 10am-6pm

Surf Ride Solana Beach

325 North Highway 101
Solana Beach, CA 92075

(858) 755-0858


M-F 10am–7pm
Sa 9am-6pm
Su 10am-6pm

Surf Ride Carlsbad | Cape Rey | Hilton Hotel

Surf Ride Carlsbad | Cape Rey

1 Ponto Road
Carlsbad, CA 92011

(760) 602-0800


Mon.-Thur. 11am–7pm
Fri.-Sat. 9am-8pm
Sun. 10am-6pm

Surf Ride Waco at BSR

Surf Ride Waco at BSR

5347 Old Mexia Rd,
Waco, TX 76705

7 Days A Week