Watch: Winter Wonderland - Episode 1

At the end of every year, most of the elite surfers go to Hawaii's "seven mile miracle" on Oahu's North Shore to test their limits and surf some of the most challenging, and dangerous waves around. "The North Shore’s got just about wave genre you can ask for; big pits at Pipe, Backdoor and OTW, punchy rip-able walls at Rockies, wedging closeouts at Logs and back adjustments at Waimea and Sunset." - Stab In this clip Jack, Mitch, Nat, Balaram Stack, Yadin Nicol, Granger Larsen, Bede Durbidge and Keanu Asing sample some of rock’s finest waves. But this year is a little different than most, El Niño’s has been all too kind and the waves are glorious. Enjoy.