Product Review: Firewire Carbo Hydro Surfboard

Looking for a fun board for the summer? The carbo hydro is the skateboard of surfboards, instead of pulling into the park you'll be gliding down some waves in the summer rays.


"The Carbo Hydro is a fresh look at the Baked Potato. The new nose and tail allow for a more parallel outline which increases drive without compromising the wide skatey tail. You’ll need to put your back foot back and drive it hard from the tail through flat sections. The bottom is an updated single concave under the front foot that flows into a heavy double barrel through the fins. The bottom contours and rocker along with the fin location is key in designs like this. The Carbo-Hydro has smooth transitions with those three components working together towards the common goal of speed and maneuverability. The Carbo-Hydro is destined to fly in a wide range of surf especially surf thats on the small side.” - Firewire



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