Tutorials: 3 Simple Bodyweight Workouts To Improve Balance

As a surf shop, Surf Ride wants you to progress in your surfing ability so you can shred harder and spread the stoke. Balance is key to surfing and everyone can improve their balance to make themselves more comfortable on their board. Below are some great simple workouts you can do to improve your balance, and you don't need a gym only your body so why not give it a try!


1. The Pistol Squat The pistol squat is a great balance exercise to include in your action sports training. It helps develope dynamic leg strength is going to help you upgrade your time while in the water. What is so great about the pistol squat is that you are isolating one side of your body which is called a "unilateral movement". This is important because by nature, one side of our body is weaker than the other. Some ride goofy, some ride regular. Some of us sleep on our left side and some on our right. The pistol squat will help you work on imbalances in your body while at the same time improving your balance.


2. The Chest to Wall Handstand Probably the coolest of balance exercises is the handstand. Not only is the handstand good for showing off and improving your balance, it is actually a great exercise for the shoulders and spine.Tight shoulders is very common with surfers, because paddling and lying facedown on a surfboard can put your shoulders in a compromised position. The handstand can fix this issue!You don't have to jump into doing freestanding handstands right away, you can take it slower and put yourself against something like a wall. Inertia writter Hunter OBrien say "think about pushing the ground away while pulling your head through your arm pits. This is important because it will allow you to open up the muscles in your chest and shoulder girdle. As you get more comfortable in this position, start to bring one foot off the wall. Then maybe two. Keep up with this, and you might find yourself floating upside down before you know it." You just have to keep at it like everything else in life to see results.



3. Slackline/Board Balancing Slack lining or balance on a handrail or Indo/Si board for the first time can be awkward as you not use to the amount of balance you need to be stable. Slackline and balance boards works more than just your muscles, it helps develop your vestibular system, the part of your body in your inner ear that is responsible for finding balance and control. That being said doing some type of balance exercise like this is great to do in the morning to get this system going so your ready for the action that you will take on for whatever swell your chasing! You can get Indo and Si boards at both our Solana Beach and Oceanside store locations.

Tutorial: Paddle Stronger With This 10-Minute Upper Body Workout

If you have surf for awhile you know how important paddling is. Paddling gets you out to the waves and will help you get the wave you want. This being said if there is a grip of cats in the lineup, the person who's gonna get the most waves is the one who paddles harder no matter what. Since paddling is so important, you should look into furthering your strength in this area and below is a video of a 10 minute work out perfect to get you stronger in the lineup. A lot of people don't realize that training is a key activity if you want to progress in your surfing, and who doesn't want to be a better shredder? So check out this video and make it happen, share the stoke!

Tutorial: Do It Yourself Yoga

A lot of people want to do yoga and are all for it but they don't know what quite to do with themselves unless they take a class but thats usually more mula coming outta your pocket that could be for your next Surf Ride sled that you've had your eye on. So here is a clip where Abi Carver goes over some yoga that surfers would find helpful to hone their skills for when they go back out into the water. If you want to know more about her teaching she has a post on the inertia, but this video will definitely help you get out of the dark if your lost on your yogi journey, enjoy!