News: Villagergoods - Coming Spring 2016

Remember Saint Archer beer? The beer company started by a grip of skateboardings top dogs and then they turned it into an insane profit when MillerCoors bought them out. Yeah those cats are back at it again but with the help of some of surfings top dogs! They dropped their contracts with their energy drink sponsors and took a new healthy route in the coconut water industry. They call it Villager, and it wasn't until yesterday that the video below was dropped. Surfers like Alana Blanchard, Jack Freestone, Nate Tyler, Monyca Eleogram, Keith Malloy, Laura Enever, the Gudauskas brothers, Koa Smith, Taj Burrow, Taylor Knox and a few more are on this team. With skaters P-Rod, Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds and more in the new enterprise it looks like the Justice League has been created! The company will make various flavours of coconut water and launches US spring 2016 so be on the lookout.