Watch: Behind Crisp Curtains With Bruce Irons, Greg Long & More

A little background for the clip, Laurent Pujol is a 42 year old former pro surfer from the Hossegor region in France. He retired from professional surfing nearly five years ago, decided to pick up a camera and shoot surf because that is what he had been around most of his life. The man’s an angular madman, and was the first to step off behind surfers as they raced tunnels. Yes, he's the man that created this whole new movement with the behind the surfer barrel shot, which is extraordinary. His 2016 showreel features the likes of Maurice Cole, Bruce Irons, Jeremy Flores, Greg Long, Benjamin Sanchis, Justine Dupont, Leo Fioravanti, Michel Bourez, Marc Lacomore, Justin Mauvin, Marco Mignot and Charly Martin. And man is it something to behold, enjoy!