Events: Eddie Aikau Heats


For the contest today it has to be holding 20-foot Hawaiian waves, luck for us a northwest swell is forecast to hit Oahu today and have just enough for the right conditions needed. The official call to run will be made on the beach at Waimea most likely by George Downing who has been making the decision since '84/'85. But the scoring for this contest are like no other around. Surfers get two rounds to lock in four scoring waves. Each round is comprised of seven surfers. Each ridden wave is scored from one to 100. The total of all four rides is added together for a final score. There’s no advancing through rounds and making the final like your normal contest, and whats so rad is there are no interference calls, which means two or three surfers to share the same wave,it's just all for the stoke! Judging criteria includes the size of the wave, the criticalness of the drop, how committed a line the surfer draws, as well as any incidental X factors, today should be interesting stay tuned!

Heat one: Shane Dorian Kohl Christensen Greg Long Ramon Navarro Sunny Garcia Ross Clarke-Jones Jamie Mitchell

Heat two: Kelly Slater David Wassell Grant Baker Reef McIntosh Jamie O’Brien Aaron Gold Tom Carroll

Heat three: John John Florence Mark Healey Clyde Aikau Nathan Fletcher Noah Johnson Peter Mel Takayuki Wakita

Heat four: Bruce Irons Makuakai Rothman Ian Walsh Albee Layer Kala Alexander Garrett McNamara Jeremy Flores

Top five alternates: Mason Ho Danilo Couto Mark Mathews Koa Rothman Ben Wilkinson