STAB HIGH | A Surfing Contest Mostly In The Air

Thank you again to Stab Magazine for putting on the most insane surfing contest that has ever been done. Everything from Acid drops off the back wall. Flips, Shov’s, Passion Pops, and more STAB HIGH was the event of the year! We are already booking our flights for next year!

Another huge thank you to Everyone that made this event possible. Stuart Parsons, Parsons’ Roofing. BSR Cable Park / Surf Resort. Monster Energy. All the athlete sponsors that helped get everyone to Waco Texas, and the most important thank you to all the fans of surfing that forked over the $9 or $14 to watch the event online.

It was truly a day in the history of surfing and it just goes to show that wave pools are here to stay, and we couldn’t be any happier.

Please enjoy the gallery below, all photos by Josh Bernard. And sorry it’s backwards, FLICKR may not be as awesome as it once was.

Surf Ride-