Watch: Brad Domke Drained At Jaws With Fins

Here's what happens when the finless hell man grabs a rhino chaser and hunts the Pe’ahi dragon. Brad was out there with the big boys without a jetski, turns out he can do anything. Domke’s a professional skimboarder, and he’s made a big name for himself in the surf world by whipping into massive waves like Puerto Escondido, Nazarè, Chopes and the Right on his skim. It shouldn’t be a surprise the cat can surf just fine with fins. On Jan 15th, Jaws looked MASSIVE, the new “swell of the decade” was declared and Aaron Gold scraped into the biggest wave ever paddled. Just don't forget the skimboarder from the East Coast wrangled a wave from the same place and handled it like nothing, major props!