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Lost What Really Went Wrong DVD

What Really Went Wrong DVD From Lost.
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About Lost What Really Went Wrong DVD

...Lost's What Really Went Wrong is a selection of the very best segments and assorted highlights from the first seven ...Lost videos. Featuring over 1 hour of never-before-seen bonus section buffoonery, including "A day in the life of the ...Lost House". The films pander in truth, as the titles suggest. What's Really Going On? What's Really Going Wrong? ...Lost tapped into the ethos of the times, chronicling wanton youth as they set about destroying everything around them -- lips, paradigms, rules, sluts, their livers, their careers. Even if you despised the frantic, raw hedonism of ...Lost films, you had to acknowledge the accuracy of the portrayal. Performance surfing is built on the misdeeds of kids who have no regard for their future. The truth is a battle cry. The spittle-tinged refrain from a drunken punk song. By the 90's, surfing had lost it's voice -- our rebel yell muted by the dangling carrot of mainstream acceptance. It was all about Kelly Slater, but Slater's ubiquitous adoration came at a price. His handlers decided Middle America wanted squeaky clean, and the magazines and brands towed the line: High fives, high on life, the high contrast plastic sheen of Baywatch and People Magazine. The antidote was ...Lost. Each film a document, each video an eloquent anti-establishment manifesto. Wardo, Cory and crew led the way by tapping into our sordid roots. Surfing is not about public offerings. It is not about point totals and fitness. Surfing is groms in trash cans. Moshpit fights, blackouts, no-hope pull-ins, nitrous balloons, vacuumed Mexi weed, sand-bottomed beatings, the weird old hanger-ons with their hair on fire, going bigger than your friends, underage girls sitting on the laps of old men who admittedly "need therapy." Surfing is making the wrong decisions for the right reasons, and getting rewarded for it.

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