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By the early 1960s, O’Neill had successfully transformed the wetsuit into a year-round business. Ocean lovers up and down both coasts and as far afield as Canada and Europe were now exploring the ocean during the coldest months of the year.

In 1965, O’Neill’s defining spirit of innovation came to the fore once again with the pioneering of the world’s first wetsuit booties. That signature hunger for progression, a hunger that permeates the brand to this day, once again empowered people, from surfers and windsurfers to deep-sea divers, to explore and withstand even colder water temperatures.

O’Neills next major milestone came in 1971 when Pat O’neill, one of Jacks six children invented the surf leash. The widespread and rapid introduction of the leash enabled surfers to risk more on each wave without having to retrieve their boards after each wipeout. The sports progression went into overdrive as surfers enjoyed a newfound freedom through another O’Neill invention.

Information courtesy of O’Neill.

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